The characters came across this name etched into a wall in the sunless Citadel.

What follows is not strictly speaking known to the characters, but is familar to the players through the Banewardens campaign.

Ashardalon is a dragon god. Also known as Father Claw. According to legend Ashardalon was an powerful red dragon in ancient times. A creature of great wickedness he somehow conspired to rise to godhood. According to legend he was first served by an order of Wizard Priests. At one time their high priest – a man called Ni Gorth – rebelled against their master's rule and Ashardalon was for a time imprisoned by a mighty chain. The legend says that the chain was designed to hold Ashardalon until the end of time, or his last heartbeat. Somehow however he slipped free and roamed the world again for a brief time before being finally slain by a circle of druids led by a woman called Dyyth. 

After his death Ashardalon appears to have risen as a true god, though how he accomplished this, no one can say.

Today Father Claw is worshipped among evil dragons and dragon kind – such as kobolds. However human cults of Father Claw are increasingly common. 


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