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  • Rhunad

    Rhunad claims to have been held prisoner for millenia here in Nightfang Spire.  Now he is desparate to return to the Abyss, turning even to his enemies to seek his freedom.

  • Meepo

    The former keeper of the tribe's white dragon wyrmling, Meepo is a bullied weakling. He is however perhaps not all he appears...

  • Calcryx

    A white dragon wyrmling worshipped by the Kobold tribe inhabiting the Sunless Citadel. [[:14087]] was its keeper.

  • Ysdral

    Ysdral is the female matriarch of the kobold tribe inhabiting the Sunless Citadel. Impressed by the party's rescue of [[:24396]], she is …

  • Erky Timbers

    Gnome prisoner of the goblins living in the Sunless Citadel. Rescued by the party he revealed that Belak is an evil druid who tends the …

  • Belak

    All we know is that Belak is a druid who tends the Twilight Grove beneath the Citadel and is linked with the Gulthias tree. His existence has been communicated by Ysdral and confirmed …

  • Kerowyn Hucrele

    Kerowyn Hucrele is the matriarch of a successful merchant family in Oakhurst. Her son (Talgen Hucrele) and daughter ([[:24422]]) have disappeared after joining up with other …

  • Talgen Hucrele

    Missing son of [[:24417]]. He is understood to have joined a party formed to attack the Sunless Citadel. He and his sister ([[:24422]]) have not been heard from since.

    Believed to be a fighter.

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