One day Turrosh Mak will pay the Dragon, and today I sharpen the Axe that will end him …


Barbarian 1/ Dragon Shaman 1


Last of the Na-Priests

Na-Dulak is not your typical half orc.

For one thing, apart from his unusually powerful build, large jaw and feral teeth, he looks almost human. For another, he is unusually smart and charismatic.

Growing up in the dragon worshiping Red Flame Tribe in the lost Suel lands of the Pomarj, the favoring of his human parentage marked him out from an early age. Marked him out, that is, for drudgery and persecution. Although strong, his physical prowess was in no way superior to the pure blood orc children with whom he grew up. However, he was smart, and his charisma meant that he came on rely on his wits far more than the brute strength favored by his young clan mates. However that all changed the day he found himself picked upon by the sub-Chief's son. An argument turned to a fight, and a fight turned into a life or death struggle. From nowhere Dulak found strength in uncontrolled rage. Unlocking his inner beast he turned the tables, ripping the other's throat out with his teeth. The flowering of his barbarian rage was noted and approved of by the Shamen of his tribe. The Na-priests of the great red dragon intervened and protected him from the wrath of the clan leadership. They took him the next day into their spirit hut, and so began his journey to understanding the power that was in him.

Over the course of many years and painful trials the Na-priests released the spirit of the red dragon that Dulak carried within. This was the source of his rage, and his growing Dragon Shaman ability. The day came for Dulak to leave the tribe, to go into the wilderness of the brutal Pomarj and claim his inheritance as a Na-Priest. Over the course of six months he proved himself, surviving on his wits, strength and the power of the Dragon. He returned bloody but victorious; fully in command of his power.

He returned though to a camp full of the dead and ashes.

The great general Turrosh Mak had begun the process of unifying the tribes of orcs and goblinoids whilst Dulak studied with the shamen. As Dulak approached his initiation, Mak had succeeded in bringing together a force to be reckoned with. Only the proud chieftains of the Red Flame Tribe held out against him and refused to join his now considerable army. His vengeance for the intransigence of the Flame was terrible and almost total; with Dulak the sole survivor. Bitterly he turned from the ruin of his people. All that he could take of his inheritance was his title, becoming Na-Dulak – last of the Na-Priests of the Red Flame. He swore vengeance on Turrosh Mak and turned his every thought to honing himself to be the weapon that would destroy the Orcwalda.  It was clear to him that the way of the orc would not help; an orc would have charged straight to Mak's camp and challenged him, and be slain by his generals before getting within fifty feet. Another strategy had to be found. So it was that he left the Pomarj, to learn more of the ways of his human ancestors. Perhaps in the lands of men he would find the keys that would unlock yet greater power. Na-Dulak is the axe that will slay Turrosh Mak, every day he sharpens himself for the task ahead.


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