Tale of Fools

Session the Third

Enter the Warmage....

Ibn Solaar and Na Dulak are healed by the skills of Ashendarius. Although given that the wounds were from the caltrops a blacksmith would have done just as well. Just as Ashendarius completes the healing process the door in south wall bursts open and a man runs into the room. He is bald, red eyed and manacled at the wrists – where the rest of the stag party are we do not know. He turns and slams the door shut,  shouting that he is Enkidu Arjuna and is being chased by goblins, having broken out of their prison.

He asks that someone removes his manacles and whilst Balthus wants to know why we should; Ashendarius steps up and, after a few attempts, succeeds in removing them. “if this guy beats him to a pulp it will serve him right” thinks Balthus. Enkidu explains that he was a traveller, part of a band attacked by goblins and taken prisoner. When we explain why we are here Enkidu is able to tell us that he has heard of the missing party we are searching for and that they were alive until the previous day. Or so the prisoner he was held with has told him. He has his backpack but no armour or weapon. He has also lost an item of equipment from his backpack – we know not what.

After questioning by Balthus he reveals he is a cleric, “war mage” to be precise. He was on a purchasing mission to buy a rare book for his monastery. It is this book that has gone missing. Other information that he has gleaned during his day in jail are that the magic apple tree is in the Enchanted or “Twilight” Garden. It also appears that Belak is a druid who tends the Twilight Garden.

Searching the room and bodies reveals:

  • 33 silver pieces
  • 2 short swords
  • 3 javelins

We hear the lock in the door click shut and after a brief discussion decide that we must move that way. Meepo is sent back to his Kobold chums. Ashendarius unlocks the door and we open it. The open space reveals an antechamber with an opening in the south west wall leading into a far larger chamber. Ashendarius attempts to move silently into the antechamber and peer into the main room. When he gets there he is able to see that there are 2 goblins in the room and, weirdly, as set of 4 badly made dummies that resemble humans and elves. These have been propped against the south wall.

Ashendarius is surprised, not to say shocked, to find the business end of a Morningstar whizzing round the end of the wall towards his face. Fortunately for him it misses him by a long distance. Balthus rushes into the room and launches a badly aimed eldritch blast at one of the goblins.

Goblins bring it ON! 

Ashendarius moves into the main chamber and fires his crossbow at the 2nd goblin. He misses. Ibn Solaar rushes into the room and invokes his burning blade and shadow blade techniques to attack the 1st goblin. The results are spectacular as he cleaves the goblin in 2. the bad new is the comes under attack from 3 of the other 4 goblins that we can now see in the north end of the room, hiding behind another crenellated wall. He is hit by just 1, lucky for him.   Na-Dulak finally comes to the party attacking the 2nd goblin at the south end of the room. He slaughters it with a single blow. Ibn Solaar hears one of the goblins at the far end of the room shout for help.

Balthus summons a swarm of rats into the space behind the wall where it goes to work on the 4 goblins stationed there. 2 of the goblins are attacked and 1 is nauseated, rendering it helpless. Ibn Solaar drops his sword and launches his trident over the wall, missing all the goblins. Not possessing any ranged weapons Na-Dulak snatches up a fallen javelin and throws it back at the goblins, hitting one of them. The swarm kill one of the goblins and wound another, also nauseating him. Magic missiles from Enkidu take out one of the remaining 2 active goblins. The swarm attack the last active goblin and he too is nauseated rendering him unable to attack us. Enkidu begins the process of healing Ibn Solaar using a charge from his wand of cure light wounds. The swarm continue to messily eat their way through the goblins and soon only one remains. For some reason Ashendarius decides that now would be the time to try and open the door on the south west wall of the room. Fortunately he fails! The swarm finally completes their clean up job and the last goblin in the room falls.

 Next round Ashendarius succeeds in unlocking the door in the south west wall. Judging from the failure of the goblins to escape the swarm the door in the north wall and in the north west wall are both also locked. Enkidu completes the healing of Na-Dulak, who then tries to open the door. Which, despite it being unlocked, he proves unable to do. Searching the room reveals a lot of broken javelins all over the floor around the “target dummies”. The goblin bodies on our side of the wall yield:

  • 10 silver pieces.

Ibn Solaar jumps over the wall to retrieve his trident; sadly for him he didn’t bother to check the floor. Luckily he manages to avoid the caltrops as he lands. He then spends a bit of time to sweep the caltrops into one corner which will enable us to search the room. This yields:

  • 17 silver pieces.

Marble columns of this room are carved with
During this quiet period Ashendarius asks Enkidu whether he can read the scroll we found earlier. It turns out that he can and uses a read magic spell and announces that what we have is a spell of lesser restoration. He can also identify that the unknown potion was also one of lesser restoration.

Enkidu tries to call out to his erstwhile fellow inmates who he believes should be on the other side of the door in the south west wall. There is no response so we decide to try and force the door open. Na-Dulak exerts his full strength and manages to force the door open against its hinges. Inside we see the cell that Enkidu was imprisoned in. In the room we see a table against the north wall, in the north west corner is a cage containing Enkidu’s fellow prisoner – Erky Timbers; a gnome. Against the south wall we can see 3 kobolds that have been manacled to the wall.  A goblin is hiding behind Erky’s cage and is holding a sword his throat. He threatens Erky unless we leave but Ashendarius counters with a “surrender or die” option; backed up by the might of Na-Dulak and Ibn Solaar who also enter the room.

Freeeee Eeeenky Timbers! 

A 2nd goblin appears, hiding behind the Kobolds, Na-Dulak ignores him and strikes down Erky’s persecutor. Ashendarius looses his crossbow at the 2nd goblin, missing, at usual. Enkidu strikes at him with his acid splash spell and kills him instantly. That concludes that combat. Erky wants to be released but Ashendarius will not let him from the cage unless he reveals all knows about Calcryx and / or the Twilight Grove before he releases him from the cage.

 He knows nothing about where Calcryx might be held but is able to reveal that Belak is an evil druid who tends the Gulthias tree. He also says that Belak wanted the 2 human’s that we search for and that the goblin’s delivered them up to him. We also hear about “the outcast”, who turns out to be Belak . We learn nothing from the Kobolds. Na-Dulak intimidates one of the Kobolds into guiding Erky out of the dungeon. We leave the other 2 kobolds manacled to the wall.

We approach the north west door. Ashendarius attempts to unlock the door and open it. This reveals a small (20ft x 20ft) room which is apparently a store room. There is another door in the west wall.  Ashendarius moves through the room to the opposite door, checking for traps as he goes. The store room is stacked up with supplies including several barrels of elf pudding and 5 pints of oil. Ashendarius unlocks the western door steps away to allow Na-Dulak to open it.

The room beyond is lit by several guttering wall sconces. The  marble columns supporting the roof are carved with entwining dragons. The room itself is 60ft by 20ft and has 10 supporting columns. There is a door on the far south wall, one on the west wall and 3 on the north wall. We all enter the room and then ………

Ibn Solaar is attacked by a goblin hiding behind one of the pillars. Unfortunately it hurts him badly. Na-Dulak is attacked by a 2nd goblin, no damage fortunately. Enkidu casts acid splash at the goblin who hit Ibn Solaar but misses. Na-Dulak strikes at the 2nd goblin and destroys it. Balthus summons a rat swarm half way down the room. Ashendarius prepares his crossbow and Ibn Solaar seeing the swarm appear stays well out of the way and prepares short bow for action. Another goblin appears and attacks Ibn Solaar, injuring him and leaving him with just 1 hit point. Enkidu performs his party piece, sacred boost, and any further healing for the next round is maximised. Na-Dulak moves across the room and attempts to rescue Ibn Solaar from his attacker. He splits him in two giving Ibn Solaar a breathing space. The remaining goblin injures Balthus but dies as a result of Na-Dulak’s aura.Enkidu heals Balthus and Ibn Solaar.  Searching the goblins we raise:

  • 12 silver pieces

Listening at all 5 doors we hear. Easternmost north door – some shuffling. Other 2 north doors – nothing. South door – nothing. West door – the burble of many goblin voices. We try the eastern most of the  north doors. It is locked and after several minutes, that seemed like hours, Ashendarius manages to pick the lock. Opening the door reveals what appears to be a “trophy room”. The walls are covered with various mounted heads of various different animals, including cows, sheep and Kobolds.  There is another door on the east wall – it appears to be closed. Na-Dulak moves into the room, no detecting traps, no nothing. Being a fool Ibn Solaar follows him. When they search further they spot a white dragon wyrmling.

 Calcryx goes down!

We assume this to be Calcryx. Ibn Solaar is hit by a blast of Calcryx’s cold breathe weapon. Balthus misses the wormling with an eldritch blast. The battle continues….until…with a final blow from Na-Dulak we knock the wormling unconscious. We rapidly tie up Calcryx and search the room. We find….

  • Enkidu’s chain mail armour
  • Enkidu’s “lost” book. A Librum of Flesh




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