Tale of Fools

Session the Fourth

Goblin Apocalypse...

Enkidu Arjuna, having found his missing property announces that he is going to leave. The party persuade him to sell them his wand of cure light wounds to them for the princely sum of 60 gold pieces. This profligate expense doesn’t bother Ibn Solaar as he doesn’t have any cash anyway. The other three party members manage to round up sufficient funds to cover the cost. Before he departs Enkidu heals the wounds suffered by Ibn Solaar and Ashendarius. Na-Dulak, somewhat cruelly, stuffs the bound Calcryx into his backpack so that we can take him with us.

We then set about searching the trophy room. Calcryx has gathered everything of value into his nest; this includes :


  • Dragon shaped carved figurine in Jade
  • A silver goblet
  • 24 items of fine silverware
  • A scroll case covered with a dwarven inscription on the lid.


We collect these and verify that there is a scroll in the case. We then leave via the middle door on the north wall. We move into the corridor that moves East North East until we come to a door at the end of the corridor. We fail miserably in our attempts to open the door using brute force; annoying as we can hear muffled voices from beyond the door. Ibn Solaar attempts to draw the occupants out by yelling “FIRE, FIRE” in goblin. No one answers his call. Only at this point does Ashendarius decide that it would be a good thing to actually pick the lock. The door opens to reveal an octagonal room with a domed roof and a shaft in the centre of the floor. Sickly white vines climb the wall of the shaft. Against the North West wall sits a crudely carved throne with an iron chest acting as a foot stool. Next to the throne stands a sapling in a pot.

More importantly the room is filled with enemies.  

The goblin chief awaits us... 

A large hobgoblin stands by the throne and appears to be the leader. Also in the room are 3 other hobgoblins and 4 goblins. As we begin the combat we see the sapling pull its own roots out of its pot and move across the room. No ordinary tree this.

Na-Dulak bullrushes his way into the room and Balthus casts a swarm of spiders into the room, covering, but sadly not killing, the female goblin by the throne. She turns out to be a spell caster and her next move is to cast a spell that requires the party to make a will save. Only Na-Dulak makes his roll, the remainder immediately feel their ability to attack is reduced. A bane spell probably. Ashendarius  then makes a bold move, risking 4 attacks of opportunity to get into room. This turns out to be crazy rather than bold as he immediately takes 9 hit points of damage. He does manage to wound one of the hobgoblins though. The sapling moves in to attack Ibn Solaar.

Due to our abysmal initiative we are forced to face a number of attacks before Na-Dulak finally gets to cleave a large wound into the side of the hobgoblin leader. Using his skills in precision firing ranged weapons Balthas inflicts another serious wound on the hobgoblin leader. The spider swarm eliminates one of the goblins and again injures the female spell caster. Ashendarius uses the wand of cure light wounds on himself but fails to gain anything like its full benefit.

Na-Dulak takes further damage before Ibn-Solaar flails wildly away with another one of his weird, spectacular and ultimately useless manoeuvres. Na-Dulak misses the leader before an eldritch blast from Balthas takes out another goblin, yet another is eaten alive by Balthas' spider swarm before the spell caster retaliates. Ashendarius uses the wand to cure Na-Dulak but this leaves him vulnerable to attack. Ibn Solaar kills another goblin reducing the pressure on the rash elf. Na-Dulak then kills one of the hobgoblins and the battle begins to look more evenly poised. Another eldritch blast kills the spell caster but the swarm overruns not just the leader of the hobgoblins but Na-Dulak as well. It does little damage to either and Balthas dismisses it.

An additional goblin appears behind Balthas and seriously wounds him, whilst the leading goblin screams for reinforcements. The sapling, a Twigblight, hits Ibn Solar before Balthus destroys the goblin that had just attacked him. Ashendarius puts himself in greater danger in an attempt to kill the leader. He fails but Ibn Solaar succeeds in hitting him, finally slaying him. He then moves on to slay the last hobgoblin. Balthas kills another newly appeared goblin and is then cured of his wounds by Ashendarius before another hobgoblin appears and charges at him. Na Dulak moves to help Balthas and destroys the newly arrived hobgoblin. Balthas finally moves into the room and casts at the Twigblight, missing; as do Ibn Solaar and Ashendarius. Luckily Na Dulak comes to the rescue and destroys it with one mighty blow.

After severing the leaders head we search the bodies. This yields:

  • 39gp
  • 156sp
  • Cygnet Ring
  • Scale mail

The Iron chest catches Ashendarius with a poisoned trap that does constitution damage to him. Inside it we find

  • 231gp
  • 2 onyx gems
  • 2 phials of liquid
  • A parchment – scroll of knock

The party decides to move back to the kobold lair and hand back Calcryx to Ysdral and the kobolds. Ashendarius does a deal to gain possession of the key if we kill the leader of the goblins. When she agrees we triumphantly reveal the goblin leaders severed head. She hands over the key and tells us that Belak  controls the Twigblights.

The party returns to the secret room we have discovered in order to rest up and try to heal the wounded heroes. After 2 days the party leave the secret room to try and continue the quest.

The party return to the iron bound door and discover that the kobolds key does not fit it! The party are forced to return to the throne room where we check the remaining door and find it to be locked. The kobolds key does not fit this door either. Once Ashendarius has picked the lock we open the door to reveal a large room containing a number of goblin types. It appears the parties plan for the kobolds to clear them up for us has failed. 

The goblins have not been cleared- damn!

Ibn Solaar rapidly shuts the door and Ashendarius steps up and locks it. He also locks the other entry to the throne room. The party decide to descend into the hole in the floor by climbing down the thick vines that line its walls. We climb down 80 feet without mishap and emerge into the The Grove. Fortunately the vines grow from the floor of the cave so that we can descend all the way. The party emerge into a large cavern approximately 60’ square with a door in the north east corner, a door in the south east corner and a passage way in the north wall.

The Twilight Grove entrance 

In the cavern are 2 skeletons and 2 twigblights.Ibn Solaar moves to the attack, hitting 1 of the twigblights and destroying it. Ashendarius is hit by the remaining twigblight and is also affected by its poison. Meanwhile Na-Dulak is hit by both of the skeletons, taking minimal damage. Ibn Solaar  then  leaps to attack the remaining twigblight, his sworn shining like the sun and destroys the creature with one blow. Na-Dulak destroys one skeleton whilst Balthas destroys the other with an eldritch blast. There is no time to savour victory though as a large bugbear and 2 dire rats emerge from the tunnel in the north wall. The bugbear charges Ibn Solaar doing him serious damage who retaliates but sadly misses. Balthas launches an eldritch blast at the bugbear, doing maximum damage. The bugbear falls with a groan and the party rests to catch its second wind.




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